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RSS feed of the Federal Supply Classification Codes
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About Government Liquidation RSS Feeds:

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a FREE and easy way to receive updated listings for specific sales and inventory from Government Liquidation. For example, you can subscribe to the Event Calendar feed and view an updated list of sales on right from your reader without having to visit the website. Then you can quickly scan our listings and visit a sale that interests you. Needless to say, using RSS can save you a lot of time!

How to Use RSS Feeds: (Subscribing to RSS feeds)

  1. First, find an RSS feed on that interests you.
  2. Click the RSS icon or the text link to access the RSS feed.
  3. At this point, you will see the XML feed (it will look like xml code in your browser). Then copy and paste the URL in your address bar. For example, copy :
    if you want to subscribe to the Event Calendar feed. You can right click on the URL in your address bar and then click Copy from the contextual menu.
  4. Open your RSS reader and click Subscribe to Feed (Note that each reader is different, but the option to subscribe to a feed is standard.)
  5. Then paste the link you copied in step 3 into your RSS reader when prompted to do so. Your reader will probably ask you to enter the URL of the feed.
  6. Once you paste the link and click OK, your reader should update with the latest information from GL's feed! You should see the feed's listings at this point.
  7. Repeat this process to subscribe to additional GL RSS feeds! It's that easy.

Which Reader Should I Use?

RSS readers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are web-based, some are desktop applications, and some even send headlines to your e-mail address or cell phone. To make the process of choosing a reader easier for you, we have provided a link below to the most popular RSS readers. Simply find one that you want to use and then follow the instructions for downloading and installing the reader.

Top 10 Free Windows RSS Readers:

* Please note that we are linking to a list of third party RSS readers. We will not provide technical support for the reader you choose. You will need to contact the software provider directly.

RSS feed of the Event Calendar
RSS feed of the Federal Supply Classification Codes
RSS feed of Vehicle Podcasts