End-Use Certificate -- PREVIEW ONLY!

Who is this for?

All winning bidders in Special Commodities Sales (BQ Sales Events) must submit an End-Use Certificate (EUC), DLA Form 1822. Trade Security Control (TSC) must approve your EUC before any property can be removed. One EUC is required from the customer per sales event not per lot won. NOTE: Customers with prior EUC approval are still required to submit an EUC per sales event

An EUC may also be required if the demilitarization code of an item changes (migrates) to any code other than an "A" code. Depending on the code change, Government Liquidation will direct you to either return the item or submit an EUC. Note: demil code changes can take place at any time before or after the completion of an "A" code sales event.


How are Special Commodities Sales (BQ Sales Events) Identified?

You will see a bright red banner with an above the bidding box if an End-Use Certificate is required for an item. Please do not fill out the form until you are confirmed as the high bidder. Then you have seven business days, after the close of the Event, to submit a completed EUC. The form can be downloaded from our web site after you log in. Go to the My Account tab and then select Forms from the menu bar.

Please keep in mind that initial EUC approval may take up to 60 days or longer. Subsequent approval takes approximately ten days.


Notice to ALL first time End Use Certificate applicants:

The Federal Government requires that the physical address provided by all EUC applicants be verified via public records databases and linked to the applicant. Therefore, we check this before submitting your EUC. If we are unable to verify your home address and link you to it, your EUC will not be forwarded to the Government for assessment, and your sale will be voided.

Repeated instances of bidding on B or Q type property (advertised as requiring the End Use Certificate) after having been notified of voided order may result in suspension of bidding privileges and/or assessment of 25% default fee for liquidated damages.


How do I file an End-Use Certificate:

  • Fill out End-Use Certificate entry form (place your cursor on any blank for instructions)
  • Click on Continue button to validate entries and download PDF version of EUC form
  • Print the PDF version of the EUC form
  • Sign and Date
  • Please scan and email your EUC to eucinfo@govliquidation.com or fax to (480)596-4480. We will need to have your driver's license scanned or hard copy mailed. If you are a US Citizen born outside the United States, you must also provide a copy of your passport and a copy of your naturalization papers or Foreign Service Form 240 - Report of Birth- Child Born Abroad of American Parent or Parents.


How do I start?

Once you are confirmed as the high bidder on any Special Commodities Event , you will receive an email notification within 24 hours sent to the primary email address listed on your account. Then simply log onto My Account, select the Forms tab and click the Form labeled "End-Use Certificate", or click here.