Government Liquidation: Popular Incubator for Small Business

In a recent survey, Government Liquidation customers were asked to share how they have given new life
to surplus items they've purchased - these are some of their stories...

I'm a doctor with an inner city practice. Government Liquidation auctions have allowed me to purchase slightly used medical equipment that I never would have been able to afford otherwise. My patients have benefited, and I wish to thank you on their behalf.

Mike - New Haven, CT

To make a long story short, Govliquidation has enabled me to start up a successful hearing center. Most people know how expensive hearing aids are and that Medicare and almost no insurance cover these items. There are 28,000,000 people in the US with hearing loss but only 10-15% actually get help. The major factor is cost. By obtaining my equipment through Govliquidation I am able to offer hearing aids up to 60% off MSRP. This really helps senior citizens that are on a limited income. As Gomer Pyle said "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!" Actual case: We had a patient that agreed to get help with his hearing aid. As we were finishing taking the impressions and paperwork, his wife leaned over to him and said "honey, I'm proud of you". He looked at her with shock and replied "Well, I'm tired of you too!"

Stan - Hoschton, GA

I purchased a 15 meter Navy Utility Boat from Government Liquidation. The boat was in South Carolina, and I had it transported to Galveston, Texas. I spent about a year and a half converting this boat into a Pleasure/Party Boat named "Parrotdice". "Parrotdice" is now Coast Guard inspected for 43 passengers. I built a large cabin and installed a great sound systems with a Karaoke machine and remote microphones. I charter the boat on Clear Lake and Galveston Bay and have been doing a great business. A lot of former Navy people recognize the hull, and everyone ask what kind of boat it is. The boat has allowed me to start business doing what I love.

Lonnie - Houston, TX

I am using diesel generators to run my irrigation pumps for irrigating coffee trees producing Kona Coffee on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am using 3/4 ton M101 trailers to haul debris and trimmings from the field. Other farmers and construction companies have purchased the M101 trailers from me and are using them as portable fuel tank carriers for job sights. I have sold several 5-ton and 2-1/2 ton cargo trucks to companies doing off-road logging of Koa trees

Henry - Keahou, HI

"Someone else's junk is someone else's treasure" and we sure treasured a lot of these items, made money on them and saved a lot of money for our business

Belen Crown Bakery, Guam

Purchasing equipment from Government Liquidation is a great way to equip any business. Bidding on Government Liquidation is easy, safe and can be rewarding experience. The number and selection of items is incredible. There is something for everyone, from baby items to airplanes. I spend many hours surfing the Government Liquidation just looking at all the neat stuff. See you at the next auction.

Regards, Lawrence - Brampton, ON

I couldn't believe it when I found a Canon/Kodak Professional Camera on your site. I know that these cameras were the "top of the line" a few years back. You don't know how excited I was, knowing that I "finally" had a camera worthy enough to make my dream come true!! I couldn't wait to get it, and when it arrived, it was perfect. I don't know what most folks do with their "government surplus treasures", but I do know that up here in Rural Maine, there is one guy whose life will be forever changed thanks to his "treasure". Thanks again for making it happen GOVLIQUIDATION!

Mike - Belfast, ME