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Beekeeper Uses Military Surplus To Run His Agribusiness

Commercial beekeeper Phillip Ramsey of Warrenton, Virginia, came up with a novel idea for his honey production agribusiness, Stoneleigh Farms. He uses military surplus from, including military trucks and cargo trailers, to keep his extensive honeybee field operations humming.

With a few modifications, the 1 1/2 ton M105 cargo trailers can house up to 10 honeybee colonies per trailer. Electrical repair shops, mounted on M295A1 semi-trailers, were replaced by equipment for honey processing in the field. Modified bolster trailers with 20-foot beds hold 20 honeybee colonies each. These mobile units can then be placed in fields and on farms in Maryland, the Carolinas and central Virginia.

Phillip says he continues to utilize military surplus items because he's able to purchase the necessary equipment at prices he can afford.

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