Surplus TV Thomas Howell story

Volunteer Feeds First Responders
Using Kitchen Trailer from GovLiquidation

For years, Mike Michaelski wanted to build a first responder feeding system that helps out in a disaster, but the cost was prohibitive.

"I looked at commercial trucks and realized that I'd spend $10,000 or $15,000 dollars per truck," Mike explains. It did not appear that his dream could become a reality. Then he discovered Government Liquidation, or GL, who partners with the US Department of Defense to sell their military surplus.

Mike purchased a military kitchen trailer for $1800 from GL. He points out "the burners that are in it retail for $2900 a piece. It has six. Do the math!" Mike adds, "I had the idea, I liked the idea, but I couldn't afford to do it until I found GL."

"My system is an NGO, a non-governmental organization," Mike explains. "We step in under the direction of the county or the state emergency operations. We have all the capability of feeding between 250 and 300 first responders three hot meals a day as long as the food and fuel lasts."

"I did this so that I can give back," Mike says. "A lot of the crew are ex-military. We love our country, so we want to be able to give back to the people of our state and our nation out of the abundance that we have as Americans."

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