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Dentist Delivers Carnival of Smiles
with Surplus from GovLiquidation

Meet Dr. Robin Jones, healing the world one smile at a time with portable dental chairs she purchased from Government Liquidation.

"I'm the founder and president of Children's International Health Relief non-profit organization," Dr. Jones explains. "In 2007, we started the Dental Village Outreach Project where we go into the community and provide free dental care to underserved populations.”

"I have dedicated my dental career to treating low income children", she says. "We've provided dental care at community centers, schools, churches." And utilizing portable equipment purchased from Government Liquidation makes it possible.

Dr. Jones explains, "It's high tech. The dental chairs are very efficient just like a regular dental chair in an office would be. And the good thing is these fold up, and they fit into a case which we can put in our car. These are military grade chairs.”

"We want to thank Government Liquidation for giving us access to quality, portable dental chairs cause the need is very great, and without them, we wouldn't be here," Dr. Jones says.

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