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Father and Son Bond Over M35A3
Military Vehicle from GovLiquidation

Once upon a time, 13-year-old Gunnar Sigrist was the youngest member of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association's Transcontinental Motor Convoy. The trek across the U.S. was a great way for a young boy to spend the summer.

When Gunnar and his dad, Mark Sigrist, heard about the next military vehicle convoy, which would be going to Alaska in 2012, the decision to attend was an easy one.

"We participated in the 2009 convoy," Mark explains, "and had such a great time, we decided that we needed to participate in this convoy also." Gunnar says, "We love convoys, and we love turning wrenches with people and sharing stories."

In 2010, the duo started scouting for a used cargo truck, deciding that an M35A3 with an automatic transmission would be the perfect vehicle for the long drive through Canada to Alaska.

"We saw the A3s advertised," Mark explains. "Sight unseen, we purchased this truck out of Sparta, WI... we never bought anything so big sight unseen before, particularly a motor vehicle... so we think this truck serendipitously was meant to be ours." They also purchased tires and spare parts from the Government Liquidation website in preparation for the trip. And they cleverly named their A3 the "Honey Badger".

So in August of 2012, father and son left their home in Oregon, joining up with the other convoy participants in British Columbia for the 2012 Military Vehicle Preservation Association's Alaska Highway Convoy. When we caught up with them in Alaska, halfway through the convoy, Gunnar stated, "It's been just a great trip." "We love driving our truck," he explains, "love seeing all kinds and varieties of trucks from Desert Storm, like this one was [the Honey Badger], Vietnam, Korea and even World War II. It's just a great experience." "There's a lot of bonding time with my dad," Gunnar adds, "just like the last convoy, so it's a great thing to do." Mark says, "The good thing about it is, with the Caterpillar motor and the Allison transmission, we don't go real fast, but we get there in style!"

Gunnar Sigrist recently became a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. We know the memories from the convoys with his dad will go with him as he proudly serves our country. Thank you, Gunnar, for your service.

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