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Guntap Owner Repurposes Fired Brass For Small Business Success

Meet Ray Toofan, owner and operator of Guntap, a company that makes specialty items out of .50 caliber once fired brass.

"Guntap is all about taking .50 caliber brass and just being creative with it," Ray says.

"I used to be a software engineer," Ray explains. "I was working for a trading firm, designing their high frequency trading software. I was sitting in a cube 8-10 hours a day programming, and I had a decision to make." Ray realized that he could either continue down that same path or make a change by starting something of his own.

When Ray discovered that he could buy fired brass from, he knew that he hit the mother load. "Government Liquidation is where I buy all my .50 caliber brass," he explains.

Today, Guntap features .50 caliber necklaces for men and women, bottle openers in a variety of different colors, .50 cal brass markers for those who like to play golf, .50 caliber cuff links, and even wind chimes, which Ray points out are "100% brass, made in the USA."

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