Surplus TV Thomas Howell story

Nebraska Business Serves Community
Using Surplus from GovLiquidation

What happens when a heavy rain forces a big rig off the road and into a ditch? If you live near Fairbury, you call Painter Paul LTD.

Meet Paul Aden, owner of Painter Paul. "We have an auto and truck shop here in Fairbury, NE," Paul explains. He adds, "We've been using quite a lot of Government Liquidation equipment over the last few years, especially in the towing business where I use Army 6x6 trucks for towing semis."

Whether it's a tractor trailer, flatbed truck or a tractor stuck in the mud on a farm, Painter Paul is ready to assist. "We do jobs in the country to winch semis out of ditches and in the snow and the mud," Paul says, then adds, "Gotta have a big, strong truck to do a big, heavy job."

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