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Members of Steel Soldiers Create Careers
with Surplus from GovLiquidation

Out-of-the-box entrepreneurs have found a unique way to source inventory and create careers utilizing authentic military surplus.

We caught up with our friends at the 2014 Georgia Steel Soldiers Rally to learn more.

"Steel Soldiers," Richard Evans explains, is "an ad hoc military vehicle collector forum." Evans, who handles Media Relations for the rally, says hundreds of people visit the show each year, some with their own military vehicles, to swap, buy, sell and trade.

"Probably 90% of what you see out here was purchased from Government Liquidation" Evans notes. Along with the impressive array of military vehicles on display, visitors will also see tents, parts, uniforms, and more.

"People make a living off of Government Liquidation," Evans adds. "I could sit down behind my computer, and I could buy enough stuff and sell enough stuff to probably have a really nice little side income to my retirement."

Watch the video to enjoy footage from the 2014 Georgia Steel Soldiers Rally and learn more about how other entrepreneurs have built their businesses using surplus.

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