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Volunteer Fire Dept Acquires Military
Surplus Cargo Truck from GovLiquidation

At first, Ron Clark was beside himself. As the local fire marshal and battalion chief for the New Boston Volunteer Fire Department, it's his job to keep the department in running order. When one of their military surplus water tankers broke down, Ron was disappointed to learn it would cost thousands of dollars to fix the motor, dollars the fire department didn't have.

Then Ron remembered there was a website where anyone could purchase military surplus for pennies on the dollar. Why not get another, newer surplus truck and upgrade it to fit their needs?

So Ron registered for free on, where he found a 5 ton military surplus vehicle in decent shape. He placed his bid, and low and behold, Ron won the bid to acquire a dream machine for the department.

After putting a 2,250 gallon water tank on the vehicle, plus a whole new fire pump system, then giving it a bright red paint job, Ron and his team put the truck to work.

"It's a very good asset for the community," Ron says. "We use it a lot for rural - we designed it for structural, wild land fires, and it's a first attack vehicle also."

Ron is grateful to the people in his community for their support. The old but new truck will help with fires, particularly brush fires, in their county and surrounding towns in northeast Texas.

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