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Local Artist Shares #Buffalove with Used Projectors from GovLiquidation

The art scene has exploded in and around Buffalo, New York. One cold, rainy day, we caught up with local artist and audio visual mixologist, Keith Harrington.

For years, Keith knew that he wanted to be an artist. "Honestly, when I started doing this stuff, I was using vinyl records and a VHS deck," Keith explains. "Now, I can have a computer and a projector and can pull files from the Internet. The power of technology now and the tools that are available for do-it-yourself creatives blows my mind. Whatever your imagination can think of, you can really do."

While scouring the Internet for equipment one day, Keith ran across, the online auction marketplace for government and military surplus. Over time, he purchased high end Christie digital projectors with short throw lenses and a Sanyo PRO xtraX projector. The opening bid for items on the website is only $25.

"I would have never grown as a creative without Government Liquidation," Keith says.

Of the Sanyo projector, Keith says, "This is the brightest projector that I own. I think I paid about $1,000 for this. Originally, it costs close to $30,000."

One of Keith's passions is the Music Is Art festival []. According to their website, the festival was "founded in 2003 by Goo Goo Dolls bassist and Buffalo resident, Robby Takac." Keith explains that the festival is an "extravaganza of music, performance, fashion, installations, vendors, art, whatever it is. They're all from western New York and Buffalo," and the festival inspires artists to ignite their creative voice.

"I love Buffalo," Keith says. "I love the creative community that we have here in Buffalo. The young people of this city are making things happen that haven't happened in decades. It's an amazing city of good neighbors."

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